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help me pull through

[07 Dec 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

wow i havent done this in forever!

thats probably because i never ever use it.

well im going to try and use it more often....

i suppose thats all for now

ps; i have no school tomorrow

6 well ive got friends who help me pull through

[01 Feb 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

ok so im going to try this wikked sweet thing that i found in some peoples live journal's.
ok so there are four steps.

Step 1: pick a burnt cd (all different artists)

Step 2: put the play on random

Step 3: Select your favorite line(s) from the first 20 songs

Step 4: Post em n let people try n guess what songs the lines came from.

you gotta love highschoolCollapse )

help me pull through

[31 Jan 2005|05:48pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

anouther one of these stupid things but i stoll this one from kelsey =)

*~what's your favorite~*
Gum - Dentene
Restaurant - Benjamin's
Drink - soda
Season - summer
Type of Weather - snow
Emotion - laughter (if that is one?)
Thing to Do on a 1/2 Day - hang out with friends
Late-Night Activity - movies/t.v.
Sport - softball (horseback riding but i don think its a sport)
City - New York City
Store - thats a tough one

*~when was the last time you~*
Cried - no clue
Played a Sport - yesterday n going today
Laughed - 2 seconds ago
Hugged Someone - idk
Felt Depressed - not a long time thankfully
Felt Overworked - week before midterms
Faked Sick - like 8th grade
Lied - a long time

*~what was the last~*
Word You Said - 18
Thing You Ate - rice n corn (dinner)
Song You Listened To - don remember
Thing You Drank - oj
Place You Went To - my room
Movie You Saw - a cinderella story
Movie You Rented - does on demand count?

*~who was the last person you~*
Hugged - idk
Kissed - a b/f probably
Cried Over - no one
Shared A Secret With - uh ryan?
Had A Sleepover With - jen i think
Called - kassie
Went To A Movie With - jen
Saw - alli =)
Were Angry With - uh my sis?
Couldn't Take Your Eyes Off Of - uh idk
Obsessed Over - EVAN PETERS!!!!

*~have you ever~*
Danced In the Rain - ya its like the best thing ever!!
Kissed Someone - yesum
Done Drugs - nope
Drank Alcohol - nope
Had A Movie Marathon - yarr
Spun Until You Were Immensely Dizzy - all the time

2 well ive got friends who help me pull through

[28 Jan 2005|03:02pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok so this has been january vacation! its wonderful. i have sat on my butt all week except for going to jen's so be cool n hang out. i must say jen is one of the funniest people i have ever meet in my entire life. god i love that chick. anywho im sitting around today n im talking to shane n we decided to dye our hair like cosmo n wonda from the fairly odd parents. way cool ik. but anywho the oc was awesome last night!

14 well ive got friends who help me pull through

[27 Jan 2005|06:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

twice in one day. this is a record for me. anywho this is a survey that a bunch of ppl have had so i figure y not? lol.

so ya comment on it peoples!

. My name:
2. Where did we meet?:
3. Take a stab at my middle name:
4. How long have you known me?:
5. How well do you know me?:
6. Do I smoke?:
7. When you first saw me, what was your impression?:
8. My birthday?:
9. Hair color?:
10. Eye color?:
11. Am I tall or short or average?:
12. Do I have any siblings?:
13. Have you ever had a crush on me?:
14. Have you ever been jealous of me?:


16. Who do I have a crush on?:
17. Who do you think I should go out with?:
18. Who do you think I would look cute with?:
19. What is one of my favorite things to do?:
20. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?:
21. What's your funniest memory of me?:
22. What's my favorite type of music?:
23. What is my best feature?:
24. What is my worst feature?:
25. Do you look up or down on me... as a person?:
26. Do you think I have morals and values?:
27. Name 5 things I love
28. Am I shy or outgoing?:
29. Name five things I hate:
30. Would you say I am funny?:
31. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?:
32. Do I have any special talents?:
33. What's my best accomplishment?:
34. Would you consider me a friend?:
35. Have you ever seen me cry?:
36. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be?:
37. What is your favorite thing to do with me?:
38. Do I drink alcohol?:
39. Do I do drugs?:
40. Have I ever been there for you?:
41. Am I fun to be with?:
42. Am I smart?:
43. Do you love me?:
44. Name one way I have changed your life or made an impact in it:
45. Give me a nickname and explained why you picked it:
46. Would you go out with me if I asked you?

=) comments required because i am Sherlock! lol megs.

help me pull through

[27 Jan 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My first post in my new journal! wowzers. now that all the problems r fixed its awesomely coolness. anywho now it will be up n running. wippi for me.

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